Is Education Necessary For Public Education? Essay

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When discussing any major decision on the topic of education, we must ask: what do we want to accomplish with public education? And the fact that this policy needs to be applied to an American society means that the purpose must be in sync with American ideals to be successful in the long term. It must uphold a citizen’s natural rights for instance, pursue public safety, grant individual autonomy, and be a sacrifice for the good of the many. Through these four goals, it becomes clear that any beneficial system of education needs to be solely run for the greatest good, the American people, and that any system that is exclusively centered on the welfare of the people is the correct avenue toward creating “a more perfect union.” But our current system of compulsory education does not meet these prerequisites, and will not succeed. To back a failing plan is to take down the rest of society with it, and thus public education is not in the best interests of the people and should not be mandatory.
But there is also a glaring difference between what the community believes is beneficial to them and what actually is a step in the right direction. The majority of Americans, for instance, believe that our system of education creates a grander, more participating society in government (Rohini 2011) and is thus pivotal to our democracy. Others contend that there is a responsibility to attend school, as a 2014 Gallup poll showed that 95% of Americans rate public education extremely…

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