Is Discipline A Controversial Subject? Essay

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Discipline is a controversial subject. No matter who is receiving the discipline, there are always people who are interested in having their opinion on the topic. Even when they have no understanding or working knowledge of said topic, people feel that they have an entitled say in the dialogue. In modern society, we have become more concerned with fairness to the offender than to properly impose a correction that will not only make the person not wanting to participate in the criminal end of life but to set examples to others who are debating making the same mistake. Unfortunately, with the “for profit” prison system, our correctional system is designed for failure. By making our prison program based on the profits revolving around the number of inmates in the facility, we have put more people away for petty crime, ruined the lives of millions of others, and shown that this system format is not effective for anyone but those who own stock in these companies. We have more prisons and more prisoners per capita than any other country in the world. We are also an industrialized modern country. Why are people be sent to prison and being sentenced to a cycle that never seems to stop? If a person commits a crime that involves a small fee, but cannot pay the fee, they are likely to spend some time behind bars. Many of the prisons in America are privatized and get paid for every inmate and person their company monitors on probation and parole. The cycle makes it very hard for a…

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