Is Devops Not About Efficiency, And How Our Old Ways Of Looking At `` Complicated?

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In a previous post post, I outlined why DevOps is not about efficiency, and how our old ways of looking at “complicated” problems by solving for efficiency first are not actually effective or flexible in our now very complex world. In fact, letting go of our century-long instincts to apply reductionist management theories to create efficient workplaces may lead to building complex systems a little more effectively with room for flexibility and innovation. And at the end of the day, innovation powers our companies forward, not efficiently protecting what we already have. To voice an opinion, let me know @christianposta.

By the way, the motivation for writing this post(s) is to connect the dots somehow with what I’ve seen first hand, and participated in at a particularly lauded DevOps Internet Unicorn, and what I see at enterprises that I visit to do architectural assessments, distributed-systems implementations, cloud-native applications, microservices, DevOps, and etc. In fact, it’s all highly related… as Andrew Clay Shafer (@littleidea) recently tweeted

"My position is CD, microservices and devops are inseparable aspects of the same phenomenon"

So what is this 'phenomenon '? Let’s try to connect the dots. The TL;DR version is at the end :)

At this juncture, I 'lll go back to the story and recap a bit:

We are operating in a more complex environment than at any time in history.
Strategies for complicated systems do not hold up for complex systems.
Focusing on…

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