Essay on Is Daddy Coming With Us?

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The Other Wes Moore, written by Wes Moore, is a chilling and often intense novel about two very similar men who share the same name, but somewhere along their journey in life became two very different people. The novel is organized chronologically from their childhoods to adolescents. Each chapter in the novel indicates a specific time in each of their lives and includes both of their stories.
The first chapter, “Is Daddy Coming with us?” is the story of their childhoods, and is where the author starts introducing the readers to the lives and family of each Wes Moore. The author grew up alongside his older sister Nikki, and his mother, Joy. The author had his father in his life only until he was three years old, then he tragically passed away. The other Wes Moore grew up alongside his half-brother, Tony and his mother, Mary, who is their sole provider. The other Wes Moore’s father was an alcoholic, so Mary refused him to be around his father. This chapter is very important because the reader learns that both Wes Moores have to grow up in a single-parent household. Growing up in a single-parent household proved to be very difficult for both boys since it was harder for them to look at someone for guidance.
The second chapter, “In Search of a Home” begins by telling the other Wes Moore’s story. The key point in this chapter is when Wes goes out to play with his best friend Woody and gets into a dangerous altercation with another boy around his age. The other boy punched Wes…

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