Cloning In Jurassic Park

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From clones in Star Wars to genetically modified and cloned dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, the concept of cloning has always been portrayed as an interesting and exciting concept. The question is no longer if cloning is possible, rather if it should be done. Dolly is the name of a sheep that has the honor of being the first mammal to be cloned by a group of scientists in Scotland. Dolly was born July 5th, 1996 and passed away in 2003. She lived for six and a half years, as a normal ewe typically would. She was not that normal though, she was a clone after all. Her mother was a black faced sheep, which are known to never produce white faced sheep. Dolly was a direct clone of her father, a white sheep. Dolly's face being white was proof that the …show more content…
Such medical assistance being to provide donor organs, “service-animals” or even “service-humans”, etc. It is also mentioned that “The average person carries 8 defective genes inside them. These defective genes allow people to become sick when they would otherwise remain healthy. With human cloning and its technology it may be possible to ensure that we no longer suffer because of our defective genes” (Smith). However, for this to be true the entire populous would need to gain that same advantage, which could very easily be centuries away, all-the-while new genetic errors are formed. Additionally, adding a “cure” to a “deficiency” only increases the negative impact it can have on our species as we become more reliant on it. “To take only one example, the use of insulin to treat diabetics who otherwise would have died before reproducing has increased the genes for diabetes in the population” (The President's Council on Bioethics). In this example, if we were to lose our ability to obtain insulin, or gained immunity to its effect, our population would be far more affected now with the increased utilization of insulin than before the medication became so largely used. The point being, as we increase our protective shield of “x” issue, in this case our protective shield would be a genetic modification, we increase our vulnerability without it. With exposure to pain comes the natural ability to overcome such pain; essentially, the natural selection. Introducing cloning to gain another layer of figurative and literal armor only makes us more vulnerable without it, and thus should not be implemented at all. Even at the cost of lives, I believe that in the end cloning will deal greater harm than the initial benefits it may provide. Deficiencies and medical issues would spread like wildfire with those living who normally would not, which if we were to utilize

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