Is Cbt Therapy Beneficial? Essay example

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In the forms of CBT, established by Beck, treatment is based on a cognitive formulation, the beliefs and behavioral strategies that characterize a specific disorder and a conceptualization or understanding of patients’ beliefs and patterns of behaviors. Therapists seek ways to produce cognitive change modifications in patients’ thinking- to bring about enduring emotional and behavioral change. CBT is based on an ever-evolving formulation of patients’ problems and an individual conceptualization of each patient in cognitive terms. These cognitive terms involve current thinking (contribute to the feelings), problematic behaviors (reinforce cognitions), precipitating factors (that influenced the perceptions at the onset of the feelings). CBT has underlying principles to guide the process of cognitive restructuring. Beck (1995), stated principles that are essential to CBT therapy sessions include; developing the therapeutic relationship, Planning treatment and structuring sessions, identifying and responding to dysfunctional cognitions, emphasizing the positive, and facilitating cognitive and behavioral change between sessions through homework assignments. The overarching therapeutic goal is to improve the patients’ mood during the session and to create a plan so the patient can feel better and behave more functionally during the week.
At the beginning of treatment, the therapist will generally focus on situation specific thoughts, which are amenable to change. As therapy…

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