Is Cancer A Deadly Disease? Essay example

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When you meet my cousin, her exuberant personality and energy gives nothing away of the tragedy that lurks in her past. She has a loving father, mother, and two adorable little brothers. Her real father, however, was stolen from her by a disease that is more common than some would like to believe. Cancer is a deadly disease characterized by the tumors made of cells which are dividing uncontrollably due to the mutation in the DNA. In the fight to eradicate this worldwide issue, one of the leading forms of treatment uses radiation to target the genetic material within those cancerous cells. Radiation therapy uses high energy beams, such as x-rays, gamma rays and charged particles, to damage the DNA to the extent where the cell will either die or stop dividing (“Radiation Therapy for Cancer,” 2010). The type of radiation used in this method is ionizing radiation, radiation that has enough energy to remove the electrons from atoms inside the cells, creating ions, or charged atoms (“Types of radiation,” 2014). This type of treatment can eliminate a tumor completely, or can be used to relieve the suffering of the patient by reducing some of the symptoms caused by the cancer (“Radiation Therapy for Cancer,” 2010). Radiation is most useful when the tumor is located in an area where the removal of the tumor would interfere too much with the healthy functioning of the other organs. As a result of radiation therapy, some healthy cells will inevitably be damaged, but cells that divide…

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