Is Business Ethics Education Effective? Essay examples

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The article “Is Business Ethics Education Effective? An Analysis of Gender, Personal Ethical Perspectives, and Moral Judgment” by Liz C. Wang and Lisa Calvano is the product of a study conducted on undergraduate students using previous studies and theories on ethics. The article focuses on the following key points: business ethics education, gender, moral judgment, idealism and relativism, business and personal scenarios while “extending research on the rela-tionship between gender and ethicality among business students by considering the effect of gender on moral judgment, while factoring in the impact of business ethics instruction hypothesize and test two models.” (Wang & Calvano, 2015)
The authors conducted research of two separate hypotheses with consideration of how gender interacts with classroom teachings of undergraduate students. The first was the examining of how and why gender and business ethics education effects moral judg¬ment. Through the review of previous literature and hypotheses on gender effects on moral judgment resulted a finding that woman may act more ethically than men when making ethical decisions. The interactive effect of gender and business ethics education on moral judgments from this hypothesis of the authors are as follows: 1.)” Female students who have business ethics training tend to make more moral judgments on business ethical dilemmas than male students who have business ethics training. 2.) Female students without business ethics…

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