Essay on Is Binge Eating Cure?

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Binge Eating Cure: How to cure Binge Eating Permanently
What is binge eating?
Binge eating disorder features unruly eating where you take large bowls of meals yet you feel powerless to stop. It is often recurrent since you tend to feel hungry in an hour or so. More often than not, it affects the young adults generations. The main symptoms of binge eating disorder include; uncontrolled eating of large amount of foodstuffs, keeping food reserves to eat in the later hours even when you are full, embarrassment of your eating habits and the desire to control your weight among others.
Causes of Binge eating
Genes- certain biological defects causes compulsive eating. You obviously know which part of the brain regulates appetite. Hypothalamus! Thus, what happens when it fails to send correct messages in relation to hunger and fullness? Additionally, there are genetic mutations that results in food addiction. So, if your brain lacks sufficient amount of chemical serotonin you become obsessive with overeating.
Social, cultural and psychological effects – you might be exposed to frequent body and weight criticism or sex abuse. To dismiss this thought, you turn to extra food for console. Likewise, parents unintentionally hearten compulsive eating by using food to assure or relieve their kids. Psychological causes are related to depression which is sourced by lack of desire or failure to express your feeling wholly. Thus, you lack sense of worth, suffer from isolation and…

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