Essay on Is Art A World Without Music Or Dance? Can You Picture It?

1440 Words Dec 7th, 2015 6 Pages
What if we lived in a world without music or dance? Can you picture it? People in this world believe that art is hurting our world. Peoples jobs rely on art education. “The importance of art education in our schools has a huge impact on students.” If the students see that the teachers care, then they will care. We need to argue for art education. Students need to have these dance and art classes in order to express how they feel; the publics needs to demand the school systems to stop cutting art classes and start adding them. This essay will provide support to defend this thesis. According to Saval, “the popularity of the television show Glee has made kids want to take music classes.” Glee “has not only solidified the importance of musical education in our schools as a way to promote the power of self-expression, but has instilled in” ‘Gleeks’ “a desperately longed-for sense-worth…” This high school showed that it was a “safe space for anybody that did not fit the proverbial mold of popularity, and it was a revelation. It’s a cultural phenomenon.” This television show changed so many peoples lives. “Glee’s enormous cultural impact and its ability to deeply move its viewers. Matthew Morrison, who plays the choir director, Will Schuester in Glee said, the thing I love about this show the most is what it’s done for arts education. I feel like now people have seen this kind of show and they can be like, ‘Oh, that’s a choice for me. I can actually do that.’” Schools should be…

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