Is Anxiety Real Or Fake? Essay

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A mental disorder that has been constantly criticized over the years and used as an excuse in many situations. Anxiety is known to have many different off branches and effects a diverse group of individuals all throughout the world. Starting from simple shyness to causing extreme panic disorders, anxiety has become one of the biggest dilemmas of our time to critics and the society we live in. All because of one short and simple yet very complicated question that no one seems to have the correct answer for. Is anxiety real or fake? To say that anxiety is fake is a very accepting idea because of the way we all think and perceive things. We all vary in the smallest of the ways so seeing one subject differently than another person is the most common thing that we all have in common. People see anxiety as a subject to this same factor whereas one person may say “Everyone gets stressed” (A. Quinn,1) and another may say “She’s just trying to get attention” (A. Quinn, 1) Two phrases that many can relate to well, not just because they have heard them, themselves, but because at some point in our lives we have either been stressed or wanted someone’s attention. This does not mean though that we cannot calculate whether anxiety is real or not, it simply shows that we will all think on matters differently determined by our culture, ethnicity, religion, and the people we grew up around. “The earlier in life individuals have symptoms that meet criteria for generalized anxiety disorder,…

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