Essay on Is A Natural Process But Human Action?

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Carbon has the special trait of being able to bond with almost any other molecules and form the organic molecules essential for life as we know it to exist. Since carbon is an element and cannot be created carbon atoms are endlessly reused in a process known as the carbon cycle ("Material Cycles: Nutrient, Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulfur Cycle", 2014). This is a natural process but human action threatens the delicate balance of the carbon cycle by increasing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and causing problems like causing global temperatures to rise. Australia is one of the worst offenders.

Australia makes up less than 1% of the world 's population yet in 2011 was ranked as the 17th largest emitter of CO2 in total. The situation looks even worse when the data is compared on a per capita basis as Australia 's ranking then jumps to 12th place just under that of the United States, pumping on average an estimated 16.5 metric tonnes of CO2 per person into the atmosphere. While other countries have decreased their emissions more recently Australia 's emissions continue to trend upwards and have risen by more than 192% since 1960 levels ("CO2 emissions (metric tons per capita)", 2016). Despite this, I had always considered myself reasonably environmentally conscious but was shocked when I estimated my household carbon emissions.
For this assignment I used a simple online calculator and discovered that my household emissions put almost 20 metric tonnes of…

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