What Is The Cause Of Anxiety?

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afraid of walking up the stairs fearing that you will far everyone and humiliate yourself? frightened to walk alone in the street fearing that you will get lost or hurt of all sudden? afraid to talk to people since you think they will judge you. this just begins the endless list of irrational fears that have been caused due to my anxiety. I am constantly worried. Even when I am calm, I am worried that I should be doing something else in my already empty days. these anxieties are constantly clouding my thoughts. the biggest problem is that I have let my thoughts control me and become who I am today. Doing the opposite by controlling your thoughts is better said than done. so what is the “right way” to train your mind to think positively? everyone …show more content…
I spend a lot of time re-assessing my past and pondering over my own thoughts. my anxiety comes with these fears that I may be doing something wrong or I 'm not good enough. I waste a large amount of my time worrying about will happen rather than living in the present. I am constantly making assumptions that do not really seem realistic. Due to this, I found myself disconnected from reality. I can live in the present and accept my thoughts in a nonjudgmental way through mindfulness practice. Mindfulness focuses on understanding that what happens may sometimes be out of your control and that you will just need to let your thoughts float away. mindfulness also focuses on creating a connection between the mind and body in order to live in the present. this can be done through many steps. firstly, breathing exercises are key parts in mindfulness exercises. by focusing on your breaths in and out you can shift your focus from your worries to breathing patterns. controlling your breathing can you down and allow you to feel more peaceful. it improves the quality of concentration if you focus on your breaths from start to finish. focusing on your current breathing can be enjoyable because you feel alive. those who are dead don’t breathe, right? breathing can allow you to celebrate life and realize how lucky you are to be alive. by doing this, you also become more aware of your body. being aware of your body will allow you to live in the present reality and create the connection between your mind and body. sometimes when your body may be there but you are too caught up in other emotions to realize that. when you focus on your body you realize the areas of tension and pain your may be experiencing. it is important to realize this because pain can accumulate and worsen your body. it is easier to do this as your sitting or lying down through deep relaxation. but for example, if you were

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