Ironing Their Clothes By Julia Alvarez Essay

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In the poem, Ironing Their Clothes by Julia Alvarez, the speaker is portrayed as a young child who expresses unreciprocated love towards the family through ironing their clothes. Despite her effort, the family members do not respond with the same amount of love from them and often her affections are ignored. Alvarez initially develops the speaker’s action of showing love towards her family members through asserting cheerful metonymy and imagery associated with the speaker’s meticulous ironing of family’s clothing. However, by providing explicit statements that describe the family member’s harsh and empty response and forms that do not exhibit detailed descriptions of how did the members reacted to the speaker’s kindness concludes that speaker’s way of showing affection is being ignored. Furthermore, the speaker’s strong joyful tone is described throughout the poem by her consistent action of showing affection. Alvarez desires to reflect the truth that also in actual families, children send unreciprocated love to the family, however, it becomes easily ignored due to their busy lives. Alvarez uses cheerful metonymy to describe the speaker’s affection towards the family members. The speaker currently desires to support her father by ironing his shirts. She has ironed it with manners and she “have made a boy out of that tired old man” (Alvarez.) In the poem, the tired man is her father and the boy represents her father wearing the ironed out shirt. Through the metonymy, the…

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