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HINT 1 – Hofstedes cultural dimensions – know them – in textbook
HINT 2 – Porter’s five forces model – know model – in textbook
HINT 3 – Contingency Factors
HINT 4 – Differences between content and process theory (motivation)
HINT 5 – Know one leadership theory really well

(Look on blackboard for topics not covered today – worksheets are provided)

Topic 1: The environment and organisational culture

Four external factors impacting managerial decisions in the specific environment: 1. Customers: managers must meet needs of customers, also keep up with consumer demand 2. Suppliers: Affects the cost of production, need a steady inflow of supplies at a low cost, availability of supplies also matters 3. Competitors:
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1. Structure: Work specialization, departmentalization, chain of command, span of control, centralization, formalization, job redesign 2. Technology: Work processes, methods and equipment 3. People: Attitudes, expectations, perceptions and behavior, individuals and groups, complacency – becoming at home in your job and not performing to best ability

Is resistance to change inevitable? Consider the force field analysis.
It is likely if your organisation is constantly changing that resistance will appear.
Force field analysis: says that two forces operate any system -> driving forces (legislation, want to increase profit, safety issues) and resisting forces (inertia of employees, money involved to implement change, retraining costs and research cost).

Describe techniques that can be used to reduce resistance to change: * Education and communication * Participation in change * Negotiations * Cohersion * Manipulation

What is strategic management?
Using management strategies to improve and maintain organisation for long term

Assess Porter’s five forces model: * Threat of new entrants -> to combat this: raise barrier to entry, constant innovation, and lobby

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