Made-Up Company Case Study Summary

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Our HR consulting firm, BAHZnessstrives to analyze the Made up company by identifying human resource issues, the relevant stakeholders and generate alternative solutions that enhance the company 's culture and climate. With the recent passing of the former General Manager, Dave Fern, the company saw a drastic decrease (negative shift) in ethical standards and a distortion of organizational structure. Progressively through management shifts the company has seen a decrease in morale and customer service excellence which they heavily rely on for service differentiation. Lisa Fern, the heir to the company, has hired us (BAHZness) to audit Human Resource concerns that has risen in her absence due to current General Manager Tom and to restore the former status of her fathers Made-Up Motor Company (MMC).

Problems Summary
The problems we identified have been put into four categories: Sales Department, Technician Department, Administrative issues, and Inventory and Safety Standards. Due to a lack of Administrative vigilance there have been many problems that have risen in the workplace and require attention. Firstly, the lack of diversity must be
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He should be told to start creating fair schedules immediately and that their will be penalties that could go as far as termination of employment. Another way to improve this situation would be to train the sales employees on better communication skills. It is said that “a good communicator is always aware of the limitations of language” (U, n.d.), assuming this is true if the employees are aware of how their body language as well as their verbal communication is being interpreted they may be able to make the necessary changes easier. This would allow them to interact in a more positive and effective way. The sales people should also be told to make any complaints

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