Essay about Ireland : Traditional Patterns Of Life And Old Allegiances

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“Up until the 1960s, Ireland was a country where change was rejected in favour [sic] of traditional patterns of life and old allegiances. In the Republic of Ireland in the south, the main political parties had their origins in the civil war between the pro- and anti-treaty factions” (Harris 150). Ireland is a land rich with history and culture, the customs that are still in practice date as far back as most can remember. Several customs have moved from country to country as the Irish move from country to country, while most are unaware of the fact that some of the practices that they are using are Irish. Customs of the Irish include many things, from holidays to everyday tasks; these customs include St. Patrick’s Day, Irish dances and music, matrimony traditions, and stories about ghosts. The most well known holiday in March in the Western world is St. Patrick’s Day, the day filled with green, the proud Irish men and descendants of, many open pubs, and the celebrations. This celebration can be traced back to St. Patrick’s arrival in Ireland in 432.
Many customs are still popular in America and Ireland and with all Irish descendants on St. Patrick’s Day, and anyone who would like to be, can be Irish for a day. On St. Patrick’s Day there is not a person in America that you would catch not wearing green, in the fear of being pinched. In Ireland, the Catholics were being oppressed and were not allowed to share their faith openly. In the same time that this was occurring, there…

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