Ir A Nuclear Weapon Essay

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The Iran-United States nuclear talks have dominated news for most of the first quarter of 2015. The United States and their allies believe that Iran has been taking steps in order to proliferate a nuclear weapon. Throughout the early stages of Iran’s nuclear development they have said that they are simply using nuclear material for power and medical research. The United States does not believe that the Iranian’s ambitions stop there. Therefore, they entered peace talks with Iran to set limits on what the Iranians can do with their nuclear material. Reaching a deal is seen as important for the rest of the world because a nuclear Iran could cause many problems abroad. The Middle East is an area with well-known problems that could be affected by Iran having a nuclear weapon. Iran’s want for a nuclear weapon isn’t surprising either and may be why the US believes it is seeking one. The Iranians have are close to Israel and Pakistan, who are not exactly allies of the country. If Iran did achieve a nuclear weapon there would most certainly be programs started in Saudi Arabia following their proliferation. This is why the United States and its allies must reach a deal with the Iranians and stop their possible aspirations of a nuclear weapon. A hot topic in the development of the deal is how many centrifuges the Iranians would be allowed. According to a New York Times article by Thomas Erdbrink, the Iranians would be allowed about 5,000 centrifuges in the deal (Iran’s Leaders Begin…

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