Ir A Nuclear Weapon Essay

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Despite this enrichment issue, Iran agreed to cut down its amount of centrifuges to 5,000, which extends breakout time to a year. Daryl Kimball of the Arms Control Association praised this reduction of centrifuges to exactly 5,000, asserting that during the twelve months it would take Iran to produce enough material for one bomb, it “would give [the P5+1] enough time to detect that activity”. Siegfriend S. Hecker, a Stanford professor and former director of the Los Alamos weapons lab, also praised the deal’s prohibition of plutonium production, asserting that “it was an incredibly big breakthrough” because “plutonium packs a far greater punch than uranium” when a nuclear weapon is detonated. In fact, more than 95 percent of nuclear warheads on the planet were constructed via the plutonium route.
While the deal extends breakout time to a bomb, the P5+1 need to have some sort of strategy in place in the event that it becomes apparent that Iran is constructing a nuclear weapon. The deal allows for a ‘snapback’ of sanctions if Iran violates any terms of the agreement, but the re-imposition of sanctions may be complicated if Iran were already integrated back into the global economy. Furthermore, when sanctions were imposed before the deal, Iran took a 25% GDP hit in 2011, yet still marched inexorably toward a nuclear capability; hence, further action beyond sanctions may be needed to deter Iran in the future. Part of the strategy may have to consist of military action, but…

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