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Title: “This is gonna be my story, my rebirth, my new life.” Exploring the motivations and goals of individuals awaiting Gastric Bypass Surgery: An IPA analysis

Analysis and Discussion
This investigation utilised interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) in order to explore and understand the individual explanations of those awaiting gastric bypass surgery. With the participant explanations, researchers were able to distinguish two superordinate themes and subordinate themes. These are presented in the following table.

Superordinate Theme
Subordinate Theme
Poor Health
New Life (goals)
New capabilities
Change in emotional state
Improved Health Researchers reviewed and
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This vlogger explains that she has no siblings and that her parents may rely on her in the future to take care of them. She goes on to say “I don’t want my health to get in the way of looking after my mum”; here she acknowledges the implications her size will have on her health and potentially disallowing her the ability to look after her mother as she wishes. The theme of family has proven to be a popular influence and encouragement tool when considering this weight loss procedure. Unlike Vlogger 1 this individuals main concern in regards to family is to be able to provide care, whereas Vlogger 1’s main concern is to see his family grow older.

Extract 5, Pre-operation

(14) “adjusts camera. I’ve pretty
(15) much have been up and
(16) down my whole life and my
(17) weight especially my
(18) adult life and I hope to
(19) change that with this
(20) surgery for myself and
(21) for my family’s sake
(22) especially my health. I’d
(23) like to be around to see
(24) them as they grow old
(25) and get bigger and have
(26) their own families” Vlogger 1, l.14-26

Here, Vlogger 1 explains his family’s role in his decision differently to one of the other vloggers. In his personal video diary he describes his want to “be around”

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