Ionic Reactions Lab Essay

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Ocean County College
Department of Chemistry
Ionic Reactions
Submitted by Erin Walsh

Date Submitted: July 24, 2013
Date Performed: July 24, 2013
Lab Section: Chem-181-DL1
Course Instructor: Amal Bassa

To study the nature of ionic reactions, write balanced equations, and write net ionic equations for precipitation reactions.
1. Gather appropriate lab equipment and secure a safe workspace with open ventilation, away from children and pets. All chemicals will be combined in the 96 well plate. Don’t contaminate end of pipet with other chemicals. 2. a. Place 2 drops of
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Compare your results with the solubility rules and/or solubility table in your chemistry text.
B. Do your results agree with your expectations from the solubility rules/table?
Yes, I agree with the solubility rules/table.
C. Which anions generally form precipitates? What are exceptions?
Most sulfides (S2-), carbonates (CO2-), phosphates (PO3-), oxalates (C2O4-2), chromates (CrO4-2), and most metal hydroxides and oxides are insoluble. The exceptions are those with alkali metal hydroxides and those with Na+, K+, or NH4+.
D. Which anions generally do not form precipitates? What are the exceptions?
Nitrate salts (NO3-), Chlorate salts (ClO3-), perchlorate salts (ClO4-), and acetate salts (CH3CO2-) are generally soluble. Sulfate salts (SO4-2) are generally soluble, except BaSO4, PbSO4, Ag2SO4, and SrSO4. Salts containing Cl-, Br-, and I- are generally soluble, except halide salts of Ag+, Pb+2, and Hg2+2
E. Which cations generally do not form precipitates?
Salts containing group 1 elements (Li+, Na+, K+, Cs+, Rb+) and ammonium (NH4) are soluble and generally do not form precipitates.
F. Select 10 reactions that produce a precipitate, color change, or gas and write balanced chemical equation and a net ionic equation for each. Remember, a reaction may be indicated by the formation of a precipitate, color change, or the formation of gas. Record the well numbers of the precipitates you chose for your

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