Involvement For Students Learning And Growth At University Of California Of San Diego

807 Words Oct 15th, 2015 4 Pages
As a first year student living in the residence hall I had a lot of opportunity to get myself involved in different on-campus activities. However, I thought of these events as irrelevant and time wasting as I did understand the value of the involvement that can bring to my personal and academic development. It was hard to have any interaction with faculty as I struggled to find a voice in class size of 300 students; it was seen that only the brave ones asked questions during lecture as everyone turn to look at the person who asked the questions. For the two quarters of the first year at University of California of San Diego was an interesting time where I struggle to find the right place that I want to be part of and become an active member. According to Astin’s Theory of Involvement, students need to actively engage in their environment in order for students learning and growth to occur. Involvement is defined as an amount of physical and psychological energy that the student is allocated to the academic experience. My involvement in the campus ministry did not help me to develop academically but offered rich knowledge in building relationships, serving community, and strengthening my faith. Getting involved in a campus ministry was a gradual and continuous process as I hesitated to be active in ministry fearing to be labeled the pastor’s kid joining Christian ministry. However, I was not being judged by my label but was praised for all the knowledge that I have in…

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