Essay on Invisible Man By Ralph Ellison

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Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison focuses on the theme of black consciousness which can be described as the awareness of black identity in oneself. In the novel, the narrator who remains unnamed has a high difficulty trying to relinquish the segregation of the 1920s and rid the invisibility of his race. During this time period of the 1920s-1930s laws such as the Jim Crow Laws came out advocating immense discrimination to the black race, these laws were especially prominent in the southern states. Due to this, migration to the northern states allowing the blacks to find their true identity and purpose in a different area. Many settled in Harlem, New York, where they felt free to express themselves through literature, poetry, music and art. Hence the Harlem Renaissance was born. The narrator, of Invisible Man is trying to oppress the racism displayed upon this race; the reader can clearly see how ignored and rejected the blacks were. Ellison said in his Paris Review that, “the narrator’s development is one through blackness to light; that is, from ignorance to enlightenment, invisibility to visibility”. This quote speaks of how the narrator found himself through how he perceived himself, how society viewed him, and how those views changed throughout the novel.
In the beginning lines of Invisible Man, the narrator states that he is invisible, “I am an invisible man” (Ellison, 1). He explains it as possessing the same substances and fibers as those who live around him, but he lives…

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