Invisible Man By Ralph Ellison Essay example

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How Ralph Ellison Uses Fathers to Show the Importance of Being Your Own Person

Everyone has a father, whether they are present in one’s life or not, or whether they are biological or simply just a loving caretaker. Many people follow in the footsteps of their fathers, or take the same views as their fathers, whether it be political, religious, or otherwise. It is good to have a role model, but there is a difference between looking up to someone and becoming them. In Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison uses fathers and the term father to show that it is better to take your own path and have your own ideas rather than follow in anyone else’s footsteps. The author creates Jim Trueblood, the main father described in the book, to be the worst representation of a father, a father that no child should aim to become. Jim Trueblood, a poor sharecropper takes advantage of his power as a father to rape his own teenage daughter, impregnating her. Trueblood freely admits to his actions, though he does not take responsibility for them, claiming that it was an accident, that it all happened because of a dream: “‘I wakes up intendin’ to tell the ole lady ‘bout my crazy dream. M orning done come, and it’s gettin’ almost light. And there I am, lookin’ straight in Matty Lou’s face and she’s beatin’ me and scatchin’ and trembln’ and shakin’ and cryin’ all at the same time like she’s havin’ a fit,’” (59). This quote shows that Jim Trueblood is a contemptible man. Not only did he rape his own…

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