Invisible M The Unseen Or Spiritual World Essay example

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“The invisible- the unseen or spiritual world.” People tend to relate the word “invisibility” with things such as: invisible cloaks, superheros, monsters, etc. Invisibility is often viewed only as a physical characteristic. However, the word “invisible” takes on many spiritual and literary meanings in Emerson’s novel. Invisible Man is the story of a young, black man struggling to survive and succeed in a racist society that refuses to see him as a human being. Invisible Man follows the narrator 's physical and emotional journey according to the author, "from Purpose to Passion to Perception". The book is told through flashbacks. In the beginning, the narrator is speaking to us from his underground hideout in the basement of a whites only apartment building and is talking about his life as an invisible man. Now older, he recalls a time when he was a young man.
As a young man he wanted to become an educator and orator. The narrator begins his story by remembering his high school graduation speech, which attracted the attention of the white school superintendent who invites him to give the same speech at a local hotel to the town 's white citizens. However, when he arrives at the hotel, the narrator is forced to participate in a brutal boxing match with nine of his classmates, an event that is part of the evening 's entertainment for the "smoker" . The entertainment also includes a dance by a naked blonde woman, and the boys are forced to watch. The boxing match is followed…

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