Investigation of Online Service Quality of Hsbc, with Regard to Customer Satisfaction Case Study Based on Hsbc Bank (Uk)

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Investigation of online service quality of HSBC, with regard to customer satisfaction
Case study based on HSBC Bank (UK)

Nishar chozhivalappil

Dissertation submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree in master of business administration at
University of wales

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The theoretical methodology adopted in this research study has been developed according to an existing methodology which was designed in measuring the quality of online services offered by the HSBC bank. Mathematical analysis has been conducted on the basis of experiential data which has been collected via quantitative research techniques along with
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10:Graphical Representation of Service Performance Dimensions 50 Figure 4. 11:Graphical Representation of Website Characteristics Dimension 53 Figure 4. 12: Mean Calculation on Communication Dimension 55 Figure 4. 13:Graphical Representation of Communication Dimension 55 Figure 4. 14:Graphical representation of Efficiency Dimension 57 Figure 4. 15:Ranking Customer Satisfaction and Different Quality Dimensions 59
List of Tables Table 2. 1:Variables of the standard of service (SERVQUAL instrument) 7 Table 2. 2: E-RecS-QUAL dimensions and their description. 12 Table 2. 3:Comparison of E-SQ versus E-S-QUAL and E-RecS-QUAL 16 Table 3.1: Reasons for selection of ResearchPhilosophy for This Research 24 TabResearch Philosophyr selection of Research types for This Research 24 Table 3.3: Reasons for selection of Research Approaches 25 Table 3.4: Reasons for selection of Research strategy for This Research 27 Table 3.5: Sampling Method of the research 31 Table 3. 6:Questionnaire Structure 32 Table 3. 7:Break Down Of the Secondary Sources 33 Table 4. 1:Dimensions of the Questionnaire 47 Table 4. 2:Response Level on Online Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction 48 Table 4. 3:Mean calculation on Customer Satisfaction 49 Table 4. 4:Service performance dimensions 50 Table 4. 5: Website Characteristics 53 Table 4. 6:Mean Calculation on Efficiency Dimension 57 Table 4.

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