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Joshua Crisp
Prof. Raman Marwah
10 October, 2012

Manually tracking items in a store can be a waste of time and money. Most small businesses today use some type of automated inventory system that automatically updates inventory after point of sale (POS). This is especially important on high demand items that need to be reordered in a timely matter. First we need to look at the equipment, cost, and maintenance involved in adding an automated business system to the store. The vendor I choose was Wasp Barcode Technology Systems.
First, we will look at the equipment necessary to implement a new inventory management system. To keep it simple we will need: * Software * UPC
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Tracking inventory and asset management will be automated whereas before it had to be done manually. Wasp Technologies offers a trial to use to see if the system will work for your business.
Maintenance of this system should be minimal. The vendor will have updates to any software glitches or fixes that will need to be downloaded and installed on the system. There will also be a need to add any new products that are not already assigned a barcode. All other maintenance will be to keep label and ink in stock to print UPC barcode labels.
The problem with manually tracking inventory is the amount of time it takes to account for changes. The scope was to introduce automated inventory management with the constraint being cost. During fact finding we identified an easy solution that would utilize the current POS. After analyzing the data we concluded it would be feasible to add the inventory management system to save time. With a new inventory management system we can track changes and get alerted when high demand products are getting low. This new system is low maintenance, easy to use and most importantly affordable.

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