Inventory Management System Essay

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Nowadays new technologies have brought a lot advantage to us, especially to those who involve in business. One of those technologies is using a computerized system in their business, but not all business is using computerized system, some of them are using manual in their transaction. Classical inventory theory usually assumes that the inventory on record is accurate and thus reflects the actual inventory level. However, in practice the inventory on record is not always accurate. The exact inventory level is not known to managers, and can deviate from the actual inventory level. There are many possible reasons for such discrepancies between the inventory on record and the actual
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But then it is one of the problems of the said restaurant because as of now they are using manual inventory, they using the inventory sheet to make their inventory. During their inventory, the employee does the physical counting of the remaining product so that they can identify the product that they need to be restocked. About their Sales the restaurant uses a traditional or manual one; it is very hard for them to tabulate the total payment of the customer most especially if there are lots of customers ordering. So the researcher proposed the Dory’s Restaurant Sales and Inventory System that will help to minimize their work and that will give accurate information about their inventory and at the same time accurate calculating of the total payment of their customer.

Conceptual Framework Conceptual Framework is the clarification of all the activities and process of the entire Sales and Inventory. This study used the System Development Life Process define as a logical process used by a systems analyst to develop an information system, including requirements, validation, training, and user (stakeholder) ownership. The SDLP is originating by Elliott & Strachan & Radford (2004), The System Development Life Process used by the researcher to show the process of the entire development of the system.

Figure 1.1 System Development Life Process of Dory’s Restaurant Sales and

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