Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer Essay

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Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer is a biography. A young man named Christopher Johnson McCandless takes a journey to Alaska to get away from the society and people in his life, like his family. Chris goes to Alaska with no money and the bare necessities to survive in the wilderness. Chris dies because he ended up needing the items he did not have, but Chris did and experienced a lot before he died. Chris makes an identity, which is being stubborn, ungrateful, and only depends on himself and that changes his life and his choices, Chris built his identity by his actions, interest, and values and beliefs.
Chris made his identity by his actions to live life. Chris created a new identity to get away from the life he lived before and so he could not be found by his family and so he could be alone with nature.
Chris changed his name to Alex, “The hitchhiker swung his pack into the bed of the Ford and introduced himself as Alex(Krakauer 4).” Chris left his hometown of Annandale, Virginia and his loving family to go to Alaska with very little. An RV dealer named Gaylord Stuckey gave a ride to Chris to Whitehorse and then Chris would be able to go to Liard, Alaska(Krakauer 158-159). When Chris left his car in the Detrital Wash can show how he is only dependent on himself and not to stay in his car for shelter or try to find shelter. Chris left his car because it flooded and the Alaskan Rangers found the car abandoned(Krakauer 26-29). Chris constructed his identity by his actions and…

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