Essay on Interview : The Scientific Research Process

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Interview Reflection
The scientific research process deals with strategies to understand the varying issues of our society. In this course, we were to undertake an interview with Dr. Garry Myers, an associate professor in the three institutes at the University of Technology Sydney. The purpose of this interview was to obtain an insight into the individual’s experience, knowledge and gain a significant understanding of the research process in its entirety. Prior to the interview, I had arrived with preconceptions on different aspects of research, these include the time frame, team work, criticism, consistency and the funding and grant application processes. The interview had deepened my understanding of scientific research, transformed my preconceived views through the interviewee’s detailed and momentous information on his experience and research process.
In his research process, Dr. Myers focused on Chlamydia, the most common bacterial sexually transmitted infection in Australia that can result in severe health and costly ramifications. Garry Myer’s interest in this chosen topic explores his desire in improving major issues in our society by finding solutions to lethal diseases in our country, this shows that before Dr. Myers had chosen a specific topic he had done extensive research on major health issues facing our country. Myer’s research goal is “to identify better diagnostic, vaccine and treatment targets for chlamydia and gonorrhea” to ensure that Australian science…

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