Interview On Interview Internal Applicants Essay

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interview internal applicants, since I knew them prior to my intern position. Both of these areas got better with time and learning the different positions. I entered and documented all EDF’s into a matrix I made that would show who wrote the EDF, the reason, and if coaching was used prior to the EDF. I found that majority of the time no coaching was used prior to the EDF, so I implemented a coaching form to be used before the EDF was written. This would help to track the effectiveness of coaching an employee on a behavior.
My findings also showed that some managers might not be aware of the disciplinary policy and how to follow the procedures. With the use of the matrix the company can now see these managers who might need some coaching on these procedures. Since I started my internship we have had 41 employees out of 150 leave for different reasons, this gives us about a 28% turnover ratio. I brought this to my supervisor’s attention and I was informed that the majority of our employees are paid below the industry average. So I will be working on a project that will be rolled out at the beginning of the year. I get to help in a wage and marketing analyze of the company. We decided to bring in a wage analyze who will look at every position and their job duties, to see if their wage meets the industry average. Along with the wage analyze were also including a program set up to help the men and women in the field move up and receive a raise at different levels.…

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