Interpersonal Relationships And The Connection One Has With God, Kristin Laurin, Karina Schumann, And John G

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Problem In order to better understand how one’s interpersonal relationships relate to the connections one has with God, Kristin Laurin, Karina Schumann, and John G. Holmes, pioneered a study which explored how one’s interpersonal relationships affected their ongoing relationship with God. They hypothesized that people will seek a stronger relationship with God when facing rejection in other interpersonal relationships, but that when facing rejection by religion they will form stronger interpersonal connections with their human companions. Previous studies have explored how one’s relationship with God might affect their day to day lives. For example, the fact that God can act as a parental figure and meet all the criteria of an attachment figure, has already been studied and proven. Other experiments have shown that people turn to God in times of distress and loneliness. All of these things illustrate that people need support to live a healthy life, and that if they are unable to find it in their interpersonal relationships they often turn to God for those connections.
For study 1, researchers recruited sixty-one undergraduate students. A majority of the participants were Christian, and fifty-seven percent were Caucasian. Additionally, eighty-nine percent of the subjects’ were female, and all of the participants had a romantic partner. In exchange for their time participants were given partial credit for one of their courses.
Study 1 hypothesized…

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