Interpersonal Conflict Theory

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It is in human nature to yearn for conflict and as a result conflict is brought to work. Since conflict is ingrained in human society it is bound to happen. In the theory known as organizational theory, it states that there are different forms of conflict that appear within an organization. These different forms of conflicts are Interpersonal, role, maturity and immaturity, and inter-group conflict. Conflict can be seen when one organization is against one another, when different departments have conflict with one another, and upper management due to power struggles. Departments have conflicts with one another, senior managements have power struggles and organizations even have conflict with other organizations. What every organization wants …show more content…
It is a known fact that people won’t get along, which can be due to various factors, such as race, ideology, religion, etc. Individuals that are involved in interpersonal conflict would rather not socialize outside of work or even interact with one another. Interpersonal conflict in the workplace is created when these individuals are forced to work with each other. This could be due to the organization goals or that they have to share the same workplaces in a daily. Just thinking about working with people you dislike on a constant basis even gets me uncomfortable. Maybe if they were to not work with each other these individuals may interact in a formally matter. If I were a manager and this type of conflict were to occur I would take on the role of mediator and try to diffuse the situation and find a solution. If no solution is found then I would make the decision to remove the employee based on their inability to be a team …show more content…
This is similar to our personal lives. Unfortunately many organizations for the sake of cost saving and production divide jobs into sub sections. This gives a narrow scope of specialties and responsibilities to the workers, who may feel bored and frustrated due to this, since they will be expected to perform above average. As a result, employees don 't get to use all of their talents and abilities, and feel constrained and unable to develop. The result is conflict between employees and the organization itself. As stated above the worker may feel resentment to management for doing this and worst case scenario the workers may begin to form unions. As a result an organization that uses specialization may be in danger of a high turnover

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