Interpersonal Communication Involving Culture, Self And Identity, And Perception And Attribution

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While watching the movie Crash, I was following a certain character and paying attention to his experiences. This character is Officer Tom Hansen who is played by Ryan Phillippe. I watched his various encounters with the other characters throughout the movie and focused on his interpersonal communication involving culture, self and identity, and perception and attribution which we learned about in Unit 1. I will be analyzing Hansen’s experiences while relating them back to these interpersonal communication topics. Tom Hansen is a younger white male cop who is seemingly new to the force. There are three scenes in particular that stand out to me. The first one takes place in his cop car, where his partner, John Ryan is driving. The dispatcher begins talking on the radio report that two black males that are armed have stolen a black SUV. As they are listening, a black SUV pulls in front of them. Officer Ryan shines his lights on them and sees a black man receiving sexual favors from a black woman, so he pulls them over. The couple, Cameron and Christine, is being oppressed because they are black, even though they don’t fit the typical African American stereotype. Officer Ryan pats down the woman for weapons, and sexually gropes her. Officer Hansen is standing off to the side, clearly disapproving his partner’s actions, but doesn’t say anything or try to stop him. In the second scene, a man attempts to hijack Cameron’s car while Cameron is still behind the wheel. Three cops…

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