interoperability paper bshs 375

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Manuel Velasco
BSHS/ 375
January 19, 2015
Sena Cross

The evolution of technology has made a radical change in our society today. It has taken a toll in the way operations systems work in many corporations and health industries. Many corporations invest millions of dollars with a clear vision of the effective improvements they will be able to make with a system of operation that is fast, secure, and saves time. The term saves time means, a system is able to have one person do the job instead of 2 or 3 different staff members. This does not only promote a glimpse of the future and the advances that technology has to offer. Through technology and different gadgets available it automatically saves industries money
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Criminal and Child Abuse Care and Foster Parent Licensure Agencies Exchange: Obtaining background checks for potential foster parent is extremely consuming, in many states only yields criminal background or abuse and neglect data of that particular state only. There are similar issues with the hiring of staff to provide childcare services at a state or county – run childcare centers. An exchange that expedites to the sharing of information between providers and a national criminal child abuse or neglect database. This date base allows appropriate foster parents and childcare providers to be issued a license and would reduce the number of inappropriate licenses issued. This will protect the children from potential harmful unsafe environment (Niem, pg.12).
Vulnerable Populations Emergency Locator Exchange: Hurricanes and other natural disaster affect a state or region. Through electronic of human service information and global positioning system tracking, emergency personnel and more quickly reach the individuals who are the most vulnerable. When citizens are involved in the Human Services Agencies such as foster care, nutrition services, food etc. The individual is cross country or state lines, their case individual may be transmitted to other states to ensure the continuation of needed services.
Child Welfare of Homeless Services Exchange: A family involved with the child welfare system in a given jurisdiction as they enter the homeless service system. Upon

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