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The Future of the Internet

A Compendium of European Projects on ICT Research Supported by the EU 7th Framework Programme for RTD

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Such graphic and rich environments require high speed and high quality applications. But today’s Internet was not designed with 100 Megabit-per-second data rates in mind. Moreover, the fact that we approach 4 billion mobile users worldwide has profound implications on the design of the future Internet, an Internet on the move. We also see growing machine-to-machine communications - RFID is just the first example. Again, new technology means new applications which need to comply with the users’ rights to privacy and confidentiality. This is why the “Future Internet” is at the heart of the 7th Framework Programme. So far some 300 million Euro of our ICT budget have been dedicated to this issue. We now have a golden opportunity to shape the future of the Internet. I encourage you, the research projects, to work jointly in the setting up of the European Future Internet Assembly that I see as a vehicle to ensure a prominent role of Europe in the global debate. Europe has all the assets to be a leader on the development of the Future Internet. Not only was the web invented in Europe, but many European companies are winning recognition as “best international internet start-ups”. Europe is also home to the highest number of internet users worldwide. Europe is a tremendous pool

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