Essay on Internet or Traditional?

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Anastasia Scharrenberg
Professor Richard De Soiza
English 103
10 May 2015
Week 1 Essay:
Internet or Traditional? In today’s world, the internet has become part of our lives. It has provided us with many resources including online education. Now people in any work situation and around the world can come together through the internet and learn different subjects. Providing internet classrooms is an effective way for students to get the most of learning. There are many benefits to online education one being the flexibility of student’s schedules. Individuals can work on their degree no matter their life situation. Another benefit to this is when help is needed from a student, there is online tutoring available so the student never has
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Anyone can get a degree, weather they are a parent, have a full time job or both. Universities also allow for a flexible eight week program to suit anyones needs. Online learning is a great way to get the knowledge for your students, but they might need help at times when they are stuck. One way to give them the help they need is to provide them with online tutoring. It is a great way for students to get the best of their class. Many schools arrange for tutoring that can be done online and of course in person if they choose. This is a good way to get help while still completing their degree on their time. In a traditional classroom, the student might feel rushed to get to their next classroom, which doesn’t leave them much time to talk to teachers after class. By the time the day ends, they have already forgot the question. This way, they can ask any question they have of their teacher online while they are doing homework or learning the course. Internet in general can be a great source of help but can be overwhelming, that's why tutoring can help a student struggling with a subject. Lastly, another way learning online is beneficial is there are no distractions from other students. When scholars are in a classroom setting with other people, they might be intimidated by their peers or teacher or talk to others the

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