Internationalization of Deutsche Bank Essay

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Introduction 1
1. The Beginning of Deutsche Bank 1
2. Reconstruction Due to First And Second World War 4
3. Internationalization 4
4. Becoming a Global Player 5
5. Conclusion .6


Deutsche Bank, an international universal bank, was internationally active a short time after its foundation. The bank’s early decades were a period of rapid expansion. With its growth Deutsche Bank seemed to be unstoppable. But with the beginning of the First and Second World War the vision to offer a financial services throughout the world was destroyed. Fortunately, the year of 1957 has the status of a second birthday of Deutsche Bank. From this day on, after its reconstruction, the bank becomes active in retail
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Without this branch they had no longer access to international transactions.
Because of WWII the bank broke up in ten regional banks in 1948. This ten regional banks were later consolitated into three major banks . Finally on May 2, 1957 the bank’s second birthday took place. All three regional banks were re-united to form Deutsche Bank AG with its headquarter in Frankfurt.

3. Internationalization

After its reconstruction, Deutsche Bank came back to life. By introducing small personal loans in 1959 the bank entered retail banking. This was the first step of Deutsche Bank retail banking due to an appeal to the former minister of economic Ludwig Erhard. Over the years, these small loans developed into a national and international successful division.Next to the retail banking they cooperated with correspondent banks and representative offices in the 1960s until the mid 1970s.
With its entry in international banking markets in the 1970s and until 1985 Deutsche Bank followed a new global strategy by setting up its world wide branch network. New agencies in e.g. London, Moscow, Paris and Tokyo were opened. With the Acquisition of Banca d’America e d’Italiana in 1986 it owned a sizeable branch network in another European country. Also the
The expansion of branches in 12 more countries in the Asian Pacific region succeeded.
The banks new created blue logo “Slash in a Square” which represents “signaling growth in a stable environment” fits to the new

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