International Relations Is A Futile Effort Essay example

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In accordance with the anarchic world view, self interest amongst states, and the power discrepancies that are assumed within neorealism, it has been suggested that cooperation in the field of international relations is a futile effort,. Neorealism describes a system where states are the only actors, and a constant power struggle is what guides international policy, with no state wanting to yield power to another. I will counter this view of thought with aspects Neoliberalism, an ideology in which it is believed that mutual interests amongst rational actors can lead to cooperation, a hierarchy of importance of issues supersedes a hierarchy of nation-states, and transgovernmental institutions transcend the notions of the traditional Westphalian system, by also serving as powerful actors in the international arena. In addition, the concept of balancing, along with the expressed benefit of alliances, found within the theory of neorealism itself, strongly lends to the notion that cooperation within international relations is a reasonable goal. Neorealism describes an environment of anarchy, amongst state actors. While nation-states have an internal hierarchy guiding their actions, there is no external governing body guiding the interactions between nation-states. Under neorealism, the international community is similar to a free market economy, wherein the actors are unregulated in their conduct (Waltz, 53). As such, any given actor seeks solely to to gain the…

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