International Relation Theory And International Relations Theory

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International relation theories can be used to explain the meanings of the songs and articles. Through music, the international relation theories can relate to the hidden messages about the song through the language. The two theories that best explain the songs, Imagine by John Lennon and Only Prettier by Miranda Lambert are neoliberalism and constructivism.
Neoliberalism is an international relations theory in which, states cooperate together to reach a common goal. There is also the belief that states are self-interested. The states can disagree with their views, but cooperate together as a whole. One neoliberalist thinker was Keohane. Keohane argued that institutional cooperation can still be established and flourish regardless of the prior conditions (Mingst 2016). This explains that institutional cooperation can last a very long time and settle disputes. For instance, NATO was used during the disintegration of the Soviet Union. NATO exists today, as it is made to apply to situations dealing with disputes between the countries (Mingst 2016). An example of neoliberalism is the US and China working together in the United Nations. However, both countries have different governments and self-interest but, work together to maintain peace in the world. The United Nations contributes to the threat of a war between the states. Another example is the embargo lifted by the US from Cuba. The US implemented an embargo because Castro proclaimed that the country was a communist state…

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