Humanitarian Law History

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Generally, International Humanitarian Law is considered as a set of rules which governs the conduct of humanitarian in armed conflicts. It provides the protection to person who are not or no longer participating in the hostilities besides it controls the usage of weapons and methods of warfare. According to Mr. Jean in his work, “Humanitarian law is a branch of public international law which owes its inspiration to a feeling for humanity and which is centered on the protection of the individual”. From his work in defining the International Humanitarian Law, he focused much on the humanity stake for each individual. Every person needs to be protected especially when it comes to armed conflicts. Not
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At the time being before his eyes, he saw a great suffering of thousands of wounded and dying victims left on the battlefield. He then provided some help by enlisted nearby residents to lessen the burden yet, thousands died. Because of the experience gained at that time, Dunant wrote ‘A Memory of Solferino’ to describe the hardship of the victim aftermath the battle. An international agreement on the treatment of battlefield casualties was called by Dunant and proposed the establishment of a civilian volunteer relief corps to care for the wounded. He wrote, “Would it not be possible, in time of peace and quiet, to form relief societies for the purpose of having care given to the wounded in wartime by zealous, devoted, and thoroughly qualified …show more content…
Those principles also existed and applicable in the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement as well. Basically, these fundamental principles were first proclaimed by the 20th International Conference of the Red Cross in Vienna on 1965. But then this principles were revised which the text contained in the Statutes of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and adopted by the 25th International Conference of the Red Cross, Geneva, 1986.
There were seven fundamental principles that highlighted by this committee in order to serve people in needs. The first is, the principle of Humanity. As everyone concerned, ICRC’s main purpose is to protect civilian from any threat in any armed conflict and war including provides medical assistance and treat them humanely no matter which side they are with. So this principle of Humanity as a guideline for them in giving the assistance which prohibit any discrimination to the wounded on the battlefield based on its national or international capabilities besides to avoid and alleviate human suffering wherever it found. The assistance provided is actually will helped the committee and the countries to build friendship and cooperation from the mutual understanding that had been achieved in order to ensure lasting peace to all

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