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Surfest 2012

ICMS Event team – Group Report


The importance of evaluation

Event evaluation may seem like a dreary task compared to the creativeness and excitement of other aspects of event managemgent, it is sometimes an area that is completed briefly or even forgotten about all together. But event evaluation has proven to be a crucial part of event management and when done with careful thought, an event may be able to reap countless benefits from its event evaluation.

Achieving event aims and targets
According to the MBA knowledge database, an event evaluation “is an activity that seeks to understand and measure the extent to which an event has succeeded in
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Satisfying Major Stakeholders
Event evaluation is important for sponsors and participants of the event because they will need to decide whether their goals and aims for sponsoring or participating in the event was worthwhile, and whether or not they should continue to support the event or renew the sponsorship contract. Some of the major stakeholders for SurFest include its sponsors and supporting organisations such as Burton Toyota, the Tinkler Sports Group, the New South Wales government mainly through Events NSW and Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) and it is particularly important for the event organisers to satisfy these organisations to ensure continual support.

Obtaining Helpful Information
Information obtained through the evaluation of an event not only assists the event organisers in improving the event, it also paints a picture of how the event has turned out realistically instead of what the event organiser visualizes it to be. For example, the demographic information gained from customer surveys may reveal that the majority of participants visit locally instead of internationally, and attendees make the decision of attending the event around 2

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