International Committee of the Red Cross (Icrc) Essay

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The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is a multinational institution based on humanitarian factors established with the main objective being availing humanitarian aid to victims of war and other calamities (Kim & Schneider 2009).

ICRC basically known as Red Cross is a an organization established and focused to deliver humanitarian services in times of both natural disasters such as floods, droughts, storms and earthquakes as well as in events of human made disasters such as wars, terrorism and other complex situations that require emergency reaction towards life-saving assistance.

Formerly, ICRC was known as the International Committee for the Relief to the Wounded in Time of War which was founded by Dunant and four
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The body was formed initially composed of the Swiss staff which conformed to the Swiss- French culture. Formerly, expatriates staff were required to master French both oral and written (Kim & Schneider 2009). These expatriates included Swiss-Italians and Swiss-Germans.

The body heads debated that French should remain as the main language most especially in Geneva so as to maintain the Swiss-culture of the organization. As a matter of fact, top management positions especially those in Geneva were held and dominated by French managers mainly from Swiss.

This has been over while been viewed as a problem as regards the ICRC principles of impartiality, unity and universality as regards to equality in status, responsibilities and duties. ICRC being an International organization should not be limited to or by language. Adopting one or only two language depicts non-interactive culture that contravenes its principles.

Symbols versus Religion

As another virtue of organizational culture, ICRC has exposed an aspect of unique organizational culture in symbols. By the virtue of its impartiality principles, ICRC has been obliged to observe non-discriminatory measures and maintain its neutrality stand. Consequently, the organization has been obliged to oversee it s activities and more so its symbols as regards the global society that it serves and the corresponding beliefs as per distinct region.

There once existed a conflict with

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