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Syllabus International Business 1





This International Business (IB-1) course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the international business environment. In order to be successful, IBMS Students need to familiarize themselves with the basic concepts and definitions of today’s competitive business world. Students must become aware of the major actors and forces that help shape the international business context. The course covers a variety of topics, which include the theoretical foundations of global trade and investment, the political environment, foreign direct investment and market entry, international business
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Each workshop will consist of a presentation and debate. Each week one group will have to give a 15 minute PowerPoint presentation and another group will have to ask case questions. A presentation must include a summary of the closing case and answers to the case questions based on the theory of the chapter. The debate will follow the presentation. Each member of the debating group will have to ask 2 relevant questions about the case. Individual members that ask poor questions or come unprepared will fail this component. Make sure that you prepare your debating questions together with your group members (you are not allowed to have similar questions as your group members) and that you have them on paper when you come to the workshop.

Only students that have given a presentation and have debated successfully will receive a grade for the presentation component.
Students that fail or miss their debate will be given an extensive catch up assignment towards the end of the semester. If a student has missed the debate and failed the catch up assignment then he or she will receive a 1 for the presentation component and fail the IB module as a result.
Students cannot miss the presentation without a valid reason (to be determined by the DLS mentor). Only students that have valid reasons will have to consult their workshop teacher to find a solution. Missing a presentation without a valid reason will result in a 1.

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