Essay about Internal Security And External Security

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External building security


External security is considered to be very critical in designing a house. It helps in the creation of a conducive environment for the operation of activities without any fear of burglary. Building a house takes more than just installation of security internally or externally. There exist some basic principles which prevent the house from all aspects of attack while protecting the owner of the house. External building security can also need to use physical security who plays a part in allowing people to get in and out the house environments. Some of the key principles which are discussed in this paper about external security include the integrity principle, confidentiality principle, the consistency principle and the availability principle. These key principles can be used by the house owners to improve the policies in place concerning protection and also the procedures which are already being followed in the organization. While assessing risks which can take place in a business environment, if the probabilities of occurrence of a risk are high, then actions need to be taken in order to mitigate those risks. This helps in the improvement of the activities of a business organization. In this paper the external security protocol is discussed with the basic principles guiding the process of providing external security is discussed in lengths. Each external security principle…

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