Internal Monologue, By Patricia Highsmith Essay

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Throughout this passage Patricia Highsmith implements Guy’s internal monologue, during one night while he is alone, to criticize and show her own views on a variety of topics. In particular, she condemns laws of society and their punishments. Guy scrutinizes the law, showing no genuine concerned about their punishments. Guy looks at these punishments as inconsequential compared to punishments of his guilt. Also Highsmith explores the concept of conscience and the weight it can put on a person. Through Guy’s guilt and internal conflict, which is displayed in his thoughts throughout the passage, Highsmith exhibits how one’s conscience can have an all-encompassing hold on a person. Lastly Highsmith shows her views on good and evil through Guy’s internal conflict, and a brief internal monologue that Guy has halfway through the passage.I will examine one passage that shows how Highsmith displays these themes through figurative language, syntax and word choice. The passage starts with Guy stating “If Bruno dared to contact him again, he would kill him too.”. Highsmith does this to show the seriousness of the topics that she is about to tackle in the next few paragraphs. This is seen through the way Highsmith chooses to show Guy saying this in a very assertive way. The significance of this is that Guy is characterized as a person that is not decisive or certain about his decision and actions . Showing Guy’s assertiveness of such an extreme state , sets the very serious tone for…

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