Essay on Interest Groups and Political Action Committees

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Interest Groups and Political Action Committees Interest groups influence the American government very heavily and have become motivation for public policy. An interest group is an organized group of individuals, who together, support and try to publicly persuade the government to adopt certain policies. All interest groups are different, varying in size, purpose, unity, influence, and resources. They can range from mass membership, to labor unions, to large corporations. Interest groups have been the center of American politics for a very long time. According to the writers of the Federalist Papers, they favored the Constitution in a way that would both ease and restrain the activity of interest groups. Throughout history, interest …show more content…
The interest group has about 30 state affiliates, sponsors public sex education, and tracks abortion laws, and women’s health and rights. The National Abortion & Reproductive Rights Action League supports taxpayer funded abortions on demand and works to elect pro-choice abortion democrats. NARAL is dedicated to support eliminating any laws that force any woman to carry a child against her free will.

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