Intercultural Communication : An Evolving Field Of Study Essays

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As more of the world becomes accessible, intercultural communication is becoming an evolving field of study that combines the interactions between individuals and groups from different cultural backgrounds. It has taken a considerable amount of time to get to the diverse point that the world’s society is at now, with more acknowledgment, acceptance and discussion around diversity. However, one can question is what ascribes and defines this identity that we acknowledge as being diversity. It can be argued that it is a combination of societal constructs around us, and the consequential interaction of emotional forces that follow us from childhood. This essay will discuss the concepts relating to intercultural communications including Hofstede’s (1984) cultural dimensions, ethnolinguistics, Oetzel’s (2009) bi-cultural adaptation and assimilation with reference to 24-year-old Bojana Rimbovska. Her interactions, thought patterns, and consequent actions highlight the need for a distinct combination between our own identifiable cultures, and learning from other cultures. Learning the behaviours and customs of other cultures allows individuals more choices allowing minority and majority groups to get along (Triandis, 1980).

Such a society would give people more choices, more delights. In short, the kinds of training to get along with members of the majority group should not be limited to minority group members. The majority should also learn about the

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