Integrity And Ethical Value

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For the integrity and ethical value, I circle number four because it was not a weak nor a stronger control. In the strong section, Doug and Phil (owners) are highly involved in running the business and appear to be people integrity. Another strength, it is the company’s strong experience in growth primarily through “word-of-mouth” advertising which indicates the company operates in ethical and deliver a valuable service. In the weakest section, the sales people are paid on commission and can negotiate the sale price, also it has a high employee turnover. Since there were not a lot of information from both sides, it will not affect which sides the company was leading to a weak or a strong integrity and ethical value.
In the board of director,
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I found two strong points that benefit the financial reporting competencies. The first point is the employee receiving sufficient training and understanding their responsibilities. The second point is the office staffs because they are made up of college accounting students. It benefits the company because the staff can apply concepts for their business education to the EC/SS’s process. However, I found three weak points. The first weak point is that employees have no work experience at all. The second point is the company has not developed a formal job description. The last point is that office staffs get confused easily regarding their job duties. It can cause a conflict to get their job …show more content…
I found two strong points which benefits the human resources. The first point is when the new hires receive immediate training instead of waiting. The second point is when new employees are working alongside with the more experience employees. In the weakness, the new hires can have little or no experience at all. Not only having no experience, the workload can get heavy because office employees have to help cover other position when the workload is busy. It can cause a lot of stress and confusion among the employees to get their job done plus doing other positions.
Overall, I decided to give the company a four because they seem to have a weak control environment. Looking back at my results, Doug and Phil’s company had weaker controls than a strong control. They had a few strong control, but it was not enough for them to be around an intermediate control environment. What Doug and Phil need to do is to improve the areas that need to be fixed cause they are doing an excellent job in the board of directors and organizational

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