Employee Retention Strategy Essay

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In olden days in an organization employees are not given much preference. But in the current scenario employees are considered as the valuable asset of an organization and the key success of the company. In every organization employees as considered as the heart of the organization. Without the employees the organization will not be able to achieve their objective. All the organizations are currently giving more preference to the employees. Nowadays one of the major problems that are faced by an organization is employee turnover. The challenge of an organization is not only to hire best talent but also to retain the talent within the organization. So retention strategies are considered as very much important
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This is mainly done to reduce the turnover of employees in the organization. Nowadays one of the important problems facing by every organization is employee turnover. It is very important to retain the talent within the organization. This can be possible by providing better pay and benefits. They want to be appreciated and treated fairly. An employee will retain in an organization only when the organization is offering a good working environment and benefits. In every organization employees are considered as valuable …show more content…
The plans and policies that are adopted by the organization to retain the valuable talent within the organization are called retention strategies. This retention process cannot be considered as an easy task. The main objective of this strategy is to increase the employee satisfaction and increase the productivity of the organization. The employees are considered as the valuable asset so that the organization must take great effort to retain the human resource within the organization. The turnover is the main issue that is currently facing by all organization so that it is very much important to maintain a definite retention strategy for each organization. The organization cannot stop employees from leaving the organization unless we have a plan to make them stay within the

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